Why is my Baby not Sleeping Well?

Why is my Baby not Sleeping Well?

By Schianne 

Most babies do not sleep through the night, waking several times to eat or be comforted, and this pattern may continue until their first birthday or as long as they are nursing during the night. But one day, she will start sleeping more soundly through the night and life will start to feel “normal” again.

Until she starts crying out again and you cannot figure out how to calm her down. It is now unusual for her not to sleep well and you want to know what could have cause this change when she was doing so well.

There may be several reasons your baby goes through phases of restless sleep or crying out during the night:

  • Growth spurt: the aches and pains of growing are tough for a baby to deal with, especially when they grow at such an astounding rate during their first few years of life. Growth spurts can also cause your baby to be hungrier, which means she is waking up with an empty, growling tummy. Both of these things combined can leave your baby uncomfortable and waking during the night unable to get back to sleep.
  • Teething: another painful phase babies go through is teething. Those sharp little teeth pushing through the gums can make anyone cranky and have a hard time sleeping.
  • Nightmares: we cannot say for sure whether babies dream or have nightmares, but there are times when my little one wakes with the saddest cries and cannot be calmed down unless we turn on the light so she can see us. I am convinced that she either has a nightmare or wakes up afraid that she is alone.

These phases can be difficult to get through, but with patience and time, they, too, will pass.