Who should be in the Delivery Room


The impending arrival of a baby is exciting for everyone. All your family members and friends anxiously await that little bundle of joy, and often want bragging rights that they were one of the first to see and/or hold her.

While you do want to share her with the rest of the world, it is not really ideal to have a birthing “team”. In fact, many doctors will only allow one or two people in the room. It can become a little hectic when you have a bunch of people who want to be present in the delivery room.

This can be a problem for many reasons:

  • Having too many people means having too many opinions and voices when it comes to your care and the time for delivery.
  • A major part of proper birthing progression is relaxation, which cannot be attained when you are conscious of a bunch of people waiting on you.
  • Birth is not pretty; it is hard, grueling work. You probably do not want that image to remain with everyone.
  • If there happens to be an emergency, the doctor will need to evacuate everyone, and needs room to move freely.
  • After the birth, you need time to settle, just you and your spouse, with your new little baby, because you will be tired and you will not want to hand her over just yet.

When it comes to the delivery room, it is best just to have your one designated person, most likely your spouse, present to keep the chaos at a minimum, coach you, and comfort you.

After the birth, I recommend waiting until the next day to receive visitors. You will be thankful for the quiet time with your baby and spouse, and will be in a much better mindset at that point.