What do you Actually Need for your Baby?


It is easy to go overboard when buying for a new baby, thanks to all the cuteness, but having too much stuff can be overwhelming (and a waste of money). So, what do you actually need for a baby? Besides the necessary gear (crib, stroller, car seat, etc.), we can make it simple by breaking down the rest into three main categories.

1. Clothing: Until your baby can move on their own, they really do not need much variety. Anything that has separates (like shirt and pants) or dresses can just get in the way. Instead, stock up on onesies. They stay in place without having to be readjusted all the time, and they have a necessary feature for newborns: the shoulder flaps. You will have plenty of diaper blowouts, and these flaps allow the onesie to be pulled down over their bodies, keeping that mess away from their faces. They are also a one-piece outfit, which you will be thankful for in the warmer months.

2. Diapering: Your baby will make a lot of messes, so you will want to have a good stock of diapers and wipes, and have some diaper rash cream handy. You will also need a place to change your baby, but instead of taking up more space with a cumbersome changing table, get a portable changing pad instead. These are great for changing on the go, creating a protective barrier between your baby and a dirty public changing table, and they allow you to change your baby anywhere the need arises.

3. Feeding: What you will need will depend on your feeding method. Breastfeeding will require a nursing cover and possibly a breast pump, and formula will require, well, formula. You will also need bottles and storage bags. Other than this, spoons, bibs, and bowls can wait until your baby is at least 6 months old.