Uses for Breast Milk

Uses for Breast Milk

Written By Schianne

Breast milk is an amazing thing. It provides your baby with all the nutrients she needs with no additional supplementation, and it even adapts as she grows, giving her what is required for proper development and helping her body build an immune system with antibodies.

But, did you know that there are other things, not just food, that you can use your breast milk for?

  • Clear up acne: the lauric acid found in breast milk can help to clear up acne in babies and adults alike. Just rub a little bit of milk on affected areas and allow to air dry.
  • Teething relief: a better substitute for those plastic teething rings with the freezing gel inside is breast milk. You can make little “popsicles” by freezing breast milk in popsicle molds or on the nipple of a pacifier using an ice cube tray.
  • Replacing antibiotics and ointments: with the antibodies and antiseptic properties found in breast milk, you can replace a lot of modern medicines with breast milk to help give your baby a more natural remedy and relief from common pains and ailments. It can be used in place of creams to help clear diaper rash. Using some breast milk on cuts and scrapes can replace products like Neosporin. And when used in eyes and ears, it can help relieve and heal ear and eye infections (which should be discussed with a doctor if relief is not seen within 24-48 hours).

If you are a pumping mother with more milk than you can handle, try some of these ideas to help you use up your overstock.