Top Dangers in Your Home- Tips for Baby Proofing

Top Dangers in Your Home- Tips for Baby Proofing


Written By Schianne


One of the most time consuming, yet vitally important, things about having a baby is child proofing. Your home may have seemed safe before, but suddenly everything is a hazard. That little baby sees things you do not usually pay attention to, and with her (adorable) clumsiness, she is prone to being injured by even the littlest fall.

While you will probably want to run out and child proof every corner of your house, consider tackling the top dangers first and adjusting as you see fit for your family.

1. Staircase

Your child can be seriously injured by a fall down the stairs. If you have staircases in your house, even if it is only one step down to a different level, you will want to invest in a good baby gate. Choose a tall one for the top that your child cannot climb over, and make sure the gates at the top and bottom of the staircase have doors that are easy to use for you to walk through safely.

2. Electrical Outlets and Cords

Electrical outlets invite kids and babies to insert things into the holes, and electrical cords are just begging to be chewed on. Avoid electrocution and burns by keeping cords out of reach and electrical outlets plugged up with appropriate covers.

3. Sharp Furniture Corners

Your clumsy little toddler will stumble a lot, and you do not want her to fall onto a sharp coffee table corner and hurt herself. Get some foam padding or special child-proof corner protectors to avoid serious injury to your child.

4. Cabinets and Drawers

Cabinets and drawers are notorious for pinching curious little fingers. Many cabinets, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom, also contain hazardous chemicals. Purchase and install cabinet latches and locks to keep your child protected.