How to Pick a Baby Shower Gift


Shopping for baby showers can be so much fun, but they can also be a bit stressful if you do not know what to get. The mother-to-be may have a registry available, but that registry could easily be 5 pages long. Or she may not have a registry at all, leaving you to decide what to buy.

While there is no tried and true, go-to gift that we can recommend to you, there are a couple of methods you can use when deciding on your purchase. Quite simply, you can choose the method based on if you are a mother yourself or not.

If you are a mother… give something that you could not live without.

You have had personal experience with having a child of your own. You will likely have that item or two that you would highly recommend to any new mother, the one that made your life easier. This could be a “snot sucker” (vs. a traditional bulb), a teething bib, or a portable changing pad, to name a few of my own recommendations.

If you are not a mother… give something practical.

It may not be the most fun gift, but when she uses up that last diaper and sees the back-up box you gave her, or when her baby decides to start cutting her first tooth at 4 months old and she remembers the teething gel from her shower, she will be thankful.

In addition… give one fun gift.

I typically give two gifts at baby showers: something practical and something fun. Since baby clothes are relatively inexpensive and just too cute, I cannot pass up the opportunity to pick one out.