How to Choose Your Baby's Name


Learning that you are pregnant brings a mixture of emotions. Seeing that first sonogram makes it reality. Finding out the baby’s sex, allowing you to say “he” or “she”, is connects you to them more. And deciding on a name gives them individuality.

There is no wrong way to go about choosing a name, but here are a couple of tips to help you narrow it down.

1. ­Family Name: This is probably the most popular choice for baby names. Some people follow family traditions when it comes to naming babies. For boys in particular, the same name may be passed down for generations, creating a senior, junior, etc. Some may choose the same first name for the first-born son and call him by his middle name, or middle names may be passed down. Other people may just choose family members’ names to create a new name, like grandma’s for a first name and grandpa’s for a middle name. the possibilities with this option are endless.

2. “Nerdy” Name: Few people know that our daughter’s first name was taken from a Star Wars character and her middle name from a song by one of our favorite bands. Choosing names based on literature, movies, or music can be fun. Just be careful with this one that you do not choose something too “trendy”, as you may grow tired of it and people will be able to pick out where you got it from right away.

3. Meaningful Name: You can even choose the old-fashioned way by choosing the name based on meaning. Look through a baby name book or search Google to find a name that has a meaning that is personal to you.