How to Choose a Crib


As a parent, you dream of getting a good night’s sleep, and this means your baby needs a good night’s sleep as well. But selecting a crib is not just about your baby’s comfort. In fact, you will want to consider safety over (supposed) comfort, which will help you rest better knowing that your baby is safe.

So, what do you need to look for in a crib?

First, it is highly recommended that you buy your crib new. Even though it is tempting to save a few dollars and buy one that is “gently” used, there may be hidden dangers that lurk within due to age and/or changed safety regulations.

Old, used cribs may have missing or worn out pieces. Screws may be stripped and gates may be loose. The last thing you want is for your baby to be injured by the crib either collapsing or your baby falling out.

Buying a new crib will allow you to find a highly-rated product and a reputable company. Putting it together yourself (or by a professional) will ease your mind, knowing that no steps were missed, all hardware is present, and that it was done recently.

Second, find a crib that has a firm mattress. Even though this may not sound comfortable to us, your baby will sleep just fine, and it is actually safer for her. Soft mattresses have a higher suffocation risk, and babies that sleep on firm mattresses are less likely to suffer from SIDS.

Finally (and not a “necessity”, per se), you will be thankful for a crib with versatility. This means a crib that can have the mattress height adjusted and be converted into a toddler bed to accommodate your growing child. Some babies hate cribs, never taking to them, but they sleep just fine in a bed. Having this option will make your life easier and will save you money in the future.