How to Choose a Baby Shower Theme


I love planning parties, and themed parties are the most fun. In my opinion, the king (or queen, right mom?) of all themed parties are baby showers. There are so many great theme ideas on Pinterest when it comes to baby showers (sprinkles, woodland, mermaid, etc.), but why not try thinking outside the box with these ideas:

Based on Games: I went to a baby shower last year that was unique. The theme was “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, and it was based around the games we played, like guessing songs with the word “baby”. I thought this was such a neat idea, and it got me thinking about other themes you could do like this. Perhaps you like gameshows: your party host could be the game host, and lead in baby-based games of Jeopardy, The Price is Right, and Wheel of Fortune. If you are a first-time mom, maybe your games could be based around “mom basics”, like diapering a baby doll, baby trivia, and baby food tasting.

Based on Gifts: What about the mom who does not need much, or has a specific idea of what she wants? You can base your shower around a gift theme instead. Maybe you want to build your baby’s library: you can have a book-themed shower, asking everyone to bring children’s books. If you already have a child and all the gear you need, but the sex of your baby is opposite, you can take the “It’s a Boy/Girl” theme to a different level and ask everyone to just bring clothes.

Based on Attendees: Gone are the days of women-only baby showers. After all, it is just as much a time to celebrate dad as it is to celebrate mom. So why not have a barbecue or couples-based games to get dads involved and ensure they have a great time too.