Creating a Birth Plan




Preparing for the birth of a child can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially when it is your first. There are so many things to consider when it comes to your birthing experience, and even the perfectly laid out birth plan can be thrown out the window at a moment’s notice.

However, regardless of whether your birth plan becomes a reality or not, it is always best to have one in writing, for your doctor’s and your partner’s reference. Here are 5 main questions to consider to making creating your birth plan easier.

     1. Who will be present?

It is recommended that you only have one support person in the labor room with you, or at the most, two. In most cases this is the husband, but some women would like for their mother or sister to be with them.

      2. Do you want labor assistance?

With the increased popularity in doulas and midwives, your options for labor support are numerous.

      3. Would you like mobility?

Continuing to move during labor will help it to continue, and when it is time to push, you may feel more comfortable in a position other than lying on your back.

      4. How will you manage pain?

The decision is yours on whether you would like to go all natural, or if you would like pain medication and epidural.

      5. What do you want to follow immediately after birth?

Let your doctor know if you would like your husband to cut the cord, and if you want immediate skin-to-skin contact with your baby and breastfeeding.

Even the most perfectly laid out birth plan can fall apart and the first sign of a complication. Just remember to be flexible, and as long as the end result is a healthy baby and momma, you are good to go.